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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Native American Classes

Katoni Si Ny Ya Haa, Chief of the Florida Wolf Clan of the Southeastern Cherokees, is teaching some special classes at WMU.  There will be an informal format talking about the 7 directions.  If you are interested in this you MUST write to: mama@witchmama.com very quickly.  We will only hold this class open for registration for a few days. 

Posted at 08:16 am by WitchMama
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
PPC Advertising

This isn't exactly a class but I thought you should still know about it.  I've just posted a FREE report on How To Do Pay Per Click Advertising - on my sister site, EarthWyz Productions.  You can find this report at this address:  http://www.earthwyz.net/PPC/StartHere.html

Posted at 11:24 am by WitchMama
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Thursday, January 15, 2004
See us on Witches Voice and Avatar Search

I am very, VERY proud to announce that you can now see us on Witches Voice and Avatar Search. 

Posted at 11:10 am by WitchMama
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Seals, Charms & Talismans taught by Sister Pat

A 10 week class, registrations ends Feb. 14, 2004
         Sister Pat offers you the wealth of her knowledge, gained over years of study and practice in New Orleans.  Learn different Magical Alphabets (yes, Virginia, there is more than Theban out there!).  She will show you how to make traditional Hoodoo charms, and is willing to share 32 Loas (voodoo talismans) with the students of this class.  Learn how to make AND use them with success.  Also, we will learn how to make some very powerful Amulets.
         Class includes a one on one consult with Sister Pat to make your personal Power Bag (learn how to get your Mojo goin’!).
         Because of the nature of much of the information in this class and the power that information imparts, Sister Pat will ONLY accept students with whom she has an opportunity to ‘talk’ (either chat room or email) and assure herself that the student is responsible and stable enough to handle that Power.  All Sister Pat's decisions are final for this class. 
If you should be denied acceptance to this class, don't take it personally.  And know that, if you have progressed further along your Path, there is a chance you will be accepted the next time this class is offered.

Contact By February 7th, 2004
Sister Pat: 

         Don't delay as it will take extra time for Sister Pat to personally vet each prospective student.

Posted at 09:40 am by WitchMama
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Monday, January 12, 2004
Dream Interpretation, taught by WitchMama

A four week class - registration ends Feb. 14th, 2004
          There's a joke going around that says we (humans) were not given an owner's manual to life.  I believe we were - Our Dreams.  Our dreams catalog everything we've done and produce scenarios for learning.  They help us solve problems, give us answers to questions, they entertain us, and - sometimes - they tell the future.  The only thing we have to do is learn how to understand the language.  This is what you will learn in our short 4 weeks together.
         Week One:  During our first week together we will talk about different methods to open up your 'memory' of your dreams.  After all, you need to remember them in order to interpret them.  You will also learn how to log your dreams.
         Week Two:  You will learn the language of dreams, and how to build your own personal data base.  This is the most powerful tool you can have to unlock the secrets of your own mind.
         Week Three:  You will learn how to ask questions, get answers and learn lessons.  Your "Owner's Manual" will be open to you.
         Week Four:  The 'magic' of dreams.  Once this world is open to you, the most powerful arena for magic is also open.  During our last week you will learn how to 'work magic' inside your dream world.

Posted at 02:40 pm by WitchMama
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Wicca 101 - Currently In Session

taught by MegasTu and RainBear
Wicca 101: An Inter-Traditional Approach is the class for learning about Wicca, in a form where you actually learn Wicca as is understood by the British Traditional Wiccans. It teaches structure, values and ethics, history, and the purpose of mythology from the Wiccan perspective and even incorporates the modern Bible and its influences on modern Wicca.

In this course, the student is expected to learn Wiccan philosophy, working on deleting certain of the negative images that we hold about our sense of self, Wiccan history, men and their relationship to the Goddess, the Eight fold Path, and more! The main focus of this class, however, will always be an ethical base for Wicca as opposed to just some set of mechanics to manipulate people or energies!

This class will run again very shortly - we will keep you posted as to the exact date.

Posted at 10:52 am by WitchMama
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WildCrafting Class - Currently In Session

taught by WitchMama
This is a full year class that focuses on wild herb collection.  It's much more then just how to pick plants.  It teaches the spiritual aspects, the language of plants, how to prepare and use them, and how to prepare yourself for being in the woods.  This class will run again, starting next November (2004).

Posted at 10:41 am by WitchMama
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